Sit and wait

Apologies, for the late post, as of late, I have been busy but I am back.

In the midst of a busy generation, what will it take for you to just sit in the presence of God and just soak him in?

In Matthew 26:36 it tells us that as Jesus was in the garden of Gethsemane he told his disciples to ‘’sit here while I go and pray over there’’. For me, this is a profound scripture as Jesus told his disciples to sit at one place because he wanted them to follow his instructions and just sit and wait. Not knowing what they were waiting for but it was a test of obedience of whether the disciples would actually just sit there or would they find something better to do. This tends to be like us, we know we are supposed to be in one place but because of our emotions we choose to defy God and move on our own accord yet we get annoyed at God when things go wrong. God must be looking at us shaking his head thinking ‘’what did you expect to happen when you go without me’’.

The waiting game is a tough one, when you are waiting you feel like you are missing something. You get agitated because as a human you want to move, your flesh is screaming out to you that you should go on our own accord. This leaves you torn, part of you wants to move by yourself just to test the waters and see what happens if you try on your own. When this does happen, you feel like everything is going well until something happens, it catches you off guard. You try and cover it and pretend like it didn’t happen but it just gets worse then you get to the end of yourself and God shines his light on your situation. But imagine, if you trusted God first, you wouldn’t go through all of that. This would have saved your emotions a lot of trauma and gave you a sense of peace.

However, during the stage of sitting and listening to God it is important to wait on him before you move. God will give us what we need and then we can move according to what he has told us, but it is important that we follow his instructions when we are moving. We cannot expect God to bless us when we move without his permission. I’m remembered of Exodus 33:14-15 where God tells Moses that his presence shall go with them and that he will give Moses rest which led Moses to tell God that he is not going anywhere unless his presence doesn’t go before him. Even before we place our plans before God we need to know what God is saying in our current situation, this is why it is important to just sit before The Lord and just be in his presence.

One thing that I have realised is that the reason why we find it difficult to sit is because we are too consumed with technology, we use it for pretty much everything and anything. This has changed the way that we live our lives and has dangerously changed people as well. The next generation will struggle to communicate verbally because they are so used to being strapped to a device unless this generation makes a difference to that. To just sit still in silence seems alien to most people because in reality, they are scared that they will have to face up to themselves and who they really are. But just sit and listen to what God has to say about you and not only do you need to sit and listen to God but you need to believe what he says about you. Some Christians will read and know scripture just like that but do not think that the word is talking about them. 1 Peter 2:9 says ‘’for you are a chosen people. You are royal priests, a holy nation, God’s very own possession’’ what this is telling us is that God sees us as a special type of people, he has chosen us to carry out his work, we are not worthy of such a call but with God he makes us worthy. You need to start believing when reading the word of God and believe that what it says does apply to you.

I have always been the type of person to find it difficult to just sit still and do nothing. When this happens I feel inadequate like I should be doing something when there is nothing for me to actually do. At the end of the day, I like to take time to reflect on what the day consisted of and how I can improve myself for tomorrow. I always say that today you are better than the person you were yesterday so take the opportunity to be more and do more.  

So sit and wait on God, what is it he is saying to you?

Peace & Love


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