In a generation that is competing for your attention, how do you focus on yourself?

Recently, I have noticed that people find it hard to stay focused on one thing. We are busy going here, doing this, talking to that person and we struggle to maintain stability in our lives. Although I am not saying don’t have multiple ventures but when push comes to shove these ventures mean nothing if you don’t spend time on yourself.

You are an important person too. The same way you support your friends, you push them to pursue their dreams and you’re there when life gets tough, can you truly say that you have the same backing? Relating this post to the basis of relationships, not just the romantic one but all types of relationships that we make in life. You cannot be the one to be gluing your relationships together because when life comes at you fast and you break, who is then holding your relationships?

One thing that I have been learning is that as much as I want to be there for everyone and get everyone where they need to be this leaves me deflated. The more God pours into me, I pour into others but I need to make sure that I am being filled by God for this to happen. Me pushing myself to grow in the things of God is more necessary for when an unbeliever does approach me about Christ. If we are not growing in the things of God, what are we growing in?

The way to look at it is, you are your own biggest investment. Only you can make things happen in  your life. It is you that will ask God for certain things, it is you that will take the steps for things to happen. Matthew 7:7 tells us ‘’Ask and it shall be given to you. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door should be opened to you’’. When you ask God even if you feel like you didn’t ask with boldness due to the greatness of God he will still give it to us when we use his name. When we look for God, we will find him and this is the important part when we do knock, this can be translated into the form of prayer. When we do this, the door shall be opened for us. We do not need to knock on any doors, if a door requires for you to knock then it is not your door. Open doors.

Make sure that you prioritize everything well. You should balance everything out so that you can sit back and reflect on how your day/week went and the things you want to achieve in the future week. Have people that push you, on your good days they celebrate your successes but push you to do more and on your bad days they reassure you that tomorrow is a new day and looking at what Lamentations 3:23 says that ‘’The Lord’s mercies never come to end as they are new every morning’’. When you don’t achieve what you wanted for that particular day, don’t beat yourself up about it just trust God and his will set your path.

Take time to work on yourself because if you do not work on yourself then who will?

Peace & Love


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