Are you walking in the favour that God has given you?

As we are enjoying our summer break, I have come to realise that many of us go through a stage in our lives where we lack confidence of ourselves and our abilities. There are various reasons for this, maybe you’re not being fed enough or you are not staying connected through fellowship which leaves you feeling isolated but one thing to remember is that God’s grace has carried you this far and it is that same grace that’ll lead you on for the rest of your life.

Many of you are thinking of the next step in life whether that be a job, the goals you want to achieve academically next year, the changes you want to make to better yourself and these are very important but thinking about such things with the wrong mindset is very dangerous. You witness all those around you thriving. It seems like what you are praying for everyone else is achieving. You’re praying to God for a job, you’ve been praying for months and then someone that just prayed last night has already received a call back. Do not get discouraged in your prayers and time alone with God.

Looking at the scripture I will break it down Proverbs 3:4 ‘’so find favour and high esteem in the sight of God & man’’.

  • Find favour– God has given us grace which is the unmerited favour, but we need to source this out from God ourselves. Once we get to know more of God we will then begin to understand the level of grace that he has entitled us to. Knowing that God has given us more than we deserve should give us the confidence to carry out the purpose he has created us for.


  • High esteem– In order to find high esteem we must be happy within ourselves and the person that we are becoming. We have to continually ask God to mould us into the person that he has created us to be and to rid us from things that are taking us away from him. This is a bold statement to say to God so be ready to lose people as well as materialistic factors. Once we are of high esteem, we have an understanding of who we are and whose we are.


  • Sight of God– What we see and what God sees are two very different matters. We as humans see with our physical and natural eyes but God goes beyond us and sees the supernatural but it is our job to align with God so that we see the supernatural in the natural to bring about change.


  • Sight of man– God grants us favour with man but we need to believe this. It is clear in the scripture but instead of just talking and meditating on the word we need to start acting like we believe what God says about us.

Walk in the favour that God has given you and be ready for goodness and mercies shall follow you.  

Peace & Love


Twitter: @NatashaK18


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