Spoilt for choice

This week I will be focusing on what Christ offers us, he always give us the decision to choose. Everything we do, we do it out of choice, whether we realised it or not, your life is determined from the choices you make.  

We live in a generation of choice, we are overwhelmed with choice so much so that we can easily be spoilt for choice when choosing something. We have numerous amounts of television programmes to choose from, online shopping has vastly increased that when we can’t get something we want from one place we are confident to be able to obtain it from a different store. It has got so bad that this mentality of being spoilt for choice has began to cloud our judgement. Sometimes we are unaware whether something is bad for us until we are given that ample choice statement of… ‘’you can try this instead of that’’ or ‘’if you buy this instead you get quality over quantity’’. When we get to that place, we then realise that we have been given a choice to make, you either choose good or you choose bad.

Whatever it is you choose, make sure you understand the consequences of the choice.

There are many examples throughout the Bible that God grants us choice. John 10:10 tells us ‘’the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. But Christ comes to give you life and for you to have life more abundantly’’.  This is an example of choice as we are told that we can choose to stay with the thief but choosing that comes with the consequence of stealing, killing and destruction whereas if we choose Christ, we have a release of life and we have that life in the fullest.

The main focus of this post is Isaiah 61:4, there are many choices that we have on how we want to live our lives and the way that we want to be seen.


  • Beauty instead of ashes
  • Oil of joy instead of mourning
  • Garment of praise instead of a disheartened spirit


The fundamental word in all these verses, is ‘’instead’’. We can choose beauty instead of ashes, the beauty that we choose is in what God gives us. We can walk around with the radiant glow knowing whose we are and who we are according to what Christ says about us. This beauty will draw others towards you so that you can minister to them about Christ. They will see what you have and they will pull towards wanting what you have so much that they will want this for themselves.

God gives us a choice here, we can take what is from God and find this beauty, have an oil of joy and to be dressed in a garment of praise. Now, saying that we will gain these things is one thing but actually believing that you will have these things is a different stance. These things will not easy and they are not a quick fix, they need to be a long lasting feature in our lives. There are going to be times where we don’t feel like we have any of these things but this is where the renewing of our minds comes in. You have to train your mind to think the things of God so that you see yourself just as the scripture says.

Let me challenge you to make an ‘’instead’’ choice this week.

Peace & Love


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Importance of prayer

Prayer is communicating with God, it gives Christians a chance for that relationship with God that we all aim to have. You know the one where he is talking to us on a daily basis that when you’re walking down the street, you have to put your headphones in so it doesn’t look like you’re crazy. This all begins with prayer. There is no prayer that is too small or too large for God. Jeremiah 32:27 God tells us himself that there is NOTHING too difficult for him.  

Yet, why do we still waver in our problems when prayer is always the solution?

Sometimes we just find it easy to get caught up in our feelings about things, we then put too much pressure on ourselves thinking that we can go and make the situation better which then means that your mind, body and spirit are working overtime. We are easily annoyed, we are never mentally aware of things and we let certain things come into our lives knowing that they are no good but because the devil has caught you off guard, he will use that advantage to get you. The devil knows exactly when and how to come for you, always when you are the most vulnerable, maybe not in the right frame of mind and when you least expect it. BAM! He comes to hunt for you, maybe it starts with a little thought that you know you shouldn’t be thinking or the classic name calling. It is then that we should submit to God. Submitting to God means that you cast your burdens unto him because you know that by yourself you cannot do it.

Philippians 4:6 states do not worry about anything, instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.

Lemme break this down:

Paul is instructing us to resist our flesh, the flesh will cause us to be anxious and to worry about things when they are beyond our understanding therefore we should not worry about anything.

Pray about everything. Notice the contrasts, going from not worrying about anything to praying about everything. Praying is essentially just talking to God, knowing that God knows and sees everything means that you have to be truthful when you pray. Psalm 145:18 tells us that the Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth. Therefore, we have to be able to be transparent when we are praying to God, that we can just go to him as we are and he is near.

God is waiting on your prayers, so why are you stopping yourself?

Peace & Love





Beauty of being hidden

If you feel like things are not working out, or God is not answering your prayers, have you ever considered that maybe God is saying not just yet? What you’re asking for he knows that you are not ready to handle it at the capacity you want.

There is a beauty in being hidden.

Never despite the fact that you are in a process and the process seems like it’s taking longer than it should be. There is a reason as to why God wants to keep you hidden for this particular moment. God wants to have you ready because what you go through is not just for you. You have to be willing to be patient in the process so that when you get out of the process, you won’t go through the same process because you have learnt what was required of you.

Being hidden requires humility. You have to be humble in the process. You cannot expect to be the centre of attention and attraction at all times. As you go deeper with God you will realise that there are different seasons in your life and they all have different meanings. There will be times when you are out giving wisdom but there will also be times where you need to retreat and spend time gaining Godly wisdom through your secret time with him. Ephesians 1:17 tell us that God will grant us a spirit of wisdom and of revelation so that it gives us a deep and personal and intimate insight into the true knowledge of Christ Jesus.  God will give us what we ask for according it is to his will and purpose. You have to be able to use wisdom because it is wisdom and revelation that will give us an understanding of Christ Jesus.

When you are hidden, this does not mean that people do not see you. It’s not God saying that he wants to keep you off limits. Being hidden can be a process of getting refuelled. Some of us are so busy doing what we think is God’s work without his permission. We then find ourselves at logger heads. We say to ourselves that we are busy doing the work of God yet God wants you to spend more time in him so that you can effectively learn. Once you have learnt it is then when you can apply. God will teach you things but it is not everything that God teaches you, you need to share. This is the beauty of being hidden.
Enjoy the process that God has you in, although it may seem painful to watch others thrive and you feel like you’re not going anywhere these are growing pains. Psalm 119:11 says ‘’I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you’’. This is another form of being hidden. It is important to know the word, not just what he says but fully believing it so that you know what is truth about the gospel. Have the word imprinted on your heart so that you are reminded of who you are. This will be your anchor as you’re hidden.


There is a beauty in being hidden.


Peace & Love


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Are you in so deep that you don’t feel an escape?

Recently, I have noticed that many people are walking around with so many burdens but when faced with the opportunity, they pass this up and continue feeling like they are drowning. This drowning feeling is like a sensation where things just spiral out of your control, one thing happens and you pray to God asking him to have his way in that situation but then something else comes up. This next situation feels even bigger than the last one, but just as you think you’re getting past this, something else hits you and this time you feel winded. You feel as though you cannot get back up. You want to scream but because you are in too deep you feel as though no one will hear you.

You walk around with the heaviness, you are screaming from the inside just hoping that someone will hear your cry. Let me tell you that God can hear you. In that moment where you think you should give up because everything is happening all at once please be reminded that all things are working for your good. Just like it says in Romans 8:28 ‘’all things work together for the good of those that love the Lord and are called according to his purpose’’. Everything that is happening to you, is happening to make you stronger. All the struggles and challenges are set to make you tougher because when bad situations to do arise next time you will know how to handle it.
Looking at 2 Chronicles 15:7 ‘’but as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded’’. This scripture tells us to carry on fighting, we have to push through, this makes us stronger people. We can get knocked down so many times and stay down but what do we learn from that? Nothing. It is important to always find your way back up when you get knocked down so that you have a lesson to teach others and a lesson to learn from so that next time you get hit, you have learned something new about God. Each time you get back up, God has taught you something different about his character and each time you see God in a different light. Choose to get back up each time, adding strength.

Remember that when Jesus shows up for one person, he shows up for all of us. Keep pushing through because by you pushing, you are showing diligence and faith in God knowing that he will pull you out of this. This is the work that’ll get rewarded.

Peace & Love


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In this new season, are you struggling to ask for help?

With this week being so busy for me, one main lesson I have got from it is that people are open to help each other even if they don’t ask for help. Just by looking at someone they have managed to see that this person needs help. This is such a skill that I think the body of Christ need to tap into. We pass so many people that are crying out loud yet we are wrapped up in our own desires and paths that we miss it. That person that you pass each day, but you never say anything. You both just look at each other and never speak. People will not know about Christ if we don’t speak up and tell them.
Asking God for help is the first step to gaining what you need but the way you ask God should reflect how eager you are in receiving what you’ve asked for and if you are ready to receive what you’re asking for. I have been looking at the story of Job lately and will give a quick summary; Job was a man of God, who did everything according. He always sacrificed animals for his children when they had parties in case they had sinned without him knowing so that God could forgive them. One day God was with his angels and satan was there, God asked satan if he had tried testing his son Job knowing that Job could withstand anything thrown at him as long as he shouldn’t hurt his family.
Job’s three friends then came to visit him and when they saw him, they sat by his side and didn’t say a word. To have friends that will come and be with you in your time of need is rare but Job had his three friends come and just sit with him. They didn’t eat or speak and they mourned with him. This is another type of help, the silent help. When those around you that genuinely know you for who you really are can see that you need help but you haven’t voiced it to them. They come to you and just sit, they wait for you to tell them what is happening and they stick with you through it all. The same way that Jesus had his main three disciples, let me pose the question in your time of help, who is by your side?

Psalm 121:2 ‘’my help comes from The Lord, who made heaven and Earth’’. Breaking this scripture down; it tells us that our help should come from The Lord who created the Earth we are living in. However, our help can only come from The Lord when we ask him to help us. As it says in Job 5:8 ‘’as for me, I would seek God and inquire him, and I would commit my cause to God’’.  Let us learn from Job and seek God diligently so that we can commit our causes to him, this being us asking God to help us to help him.

Help will only come when you ask for it. Surround yourself with the correct people and you’ll find that what you have been asking God for was within your reach, you just never stepped out of your comfort zone to find it.

Peace & Love


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Not Fitting In

I wrote this post 2 years ago and felt that it was time people heard/read this again!

What does it require for me to fit in? Does it mean that I have to change who I am in order to conform to society’s ways? Will I have to go against everything that I believe in to make others happy?

Now, trust me, whether you like to admit it or not, we have ALL tried to fit in. Some way. Somehow. We have TRIED to fit in. But then suddenly, we all realised that ‘fitting’ in was just too much work and gave up. Trying to conform to the image that society has for you, comes with so many consequences. The media doesn’t help either: one month they want girls to be thin but when I make it thin, its changed to thick girls. Boy, the media changes their mind quicker than I change my socks.

So, what happens when I don’t fit in?

Bullying? Hatred? Anger? Loneliness?

Why do you let society and the media dictate who you are and who you can be?

For me, not fitting in didn’t become a problem that I faced until I came to university. You go from being a big fish in a small pond, to a small fish in a big pond and it seemed as though my pond had some chlorine or some pesticide in it. Because, when I tell you that I found it hard to make friends. I FOUND IT HARD TO MAKE FRIENDS.

I prayed that God will bring the correct people in my life when the time is right. I guess that previously, I had spent so much time claiming that I was a Christian but doing things totally against that. That God wanted me to spend time with him. GOD IS A JEALOUS GOD. God will make sure that your relationship with him is consistent before placing anyone else in your life. Once God felt I was focusing on him and spending more time with him, he placed people in my life. People that in a million years I didn’t think would accept me for who I am.

The way I see it is, God is an awesome God. Think. We all have the same characteristics: 2 eyes, 1 nose, 1 mouth and 2 ears. How do we all look so different? Genesis 1:27Therefore, God created mankind in his own image. As God created you to be the image he wants you to be. What authority do we have to change because we feel as though we are not fitting into society’s image of us? Is society greater to you than your creator?

I know this is cliche but prayer conquers all. Prayer changes things. You have to be consistent with God. God will not give you everything you desire straight away for you to just go on and forget about him. He will make sure that you receive your blessings but we are living in testing times. The enemy is out there. Everywhere. The things that you watch, are you watching them because you enjoy them or because you will feel left out if you don’t watch it? The music you listen to, would you play it in front of your parents? If not then, that’s an issue between you and God. Music has a spiritual notion to it. It influences you and the way you live. But only if you let it.

Does it really matter if you don’t fit in though?

Like, is there a rule book that I haven’t read where it clearly states that we must fit in?

Cheez, if anyone tries telling you that you don’t fit in then you need to distance yourself from these people.  Proverbs 27:17 An iron sharpens an iron, and one man sharpens another. In order for you to grow you need to surround yourself with people that will encourage and support you. Friends are supposed to help each other grow that means correcting us when we are wrong and helping us when we are down. Having a great circle of friends is vitally important when you want to grow. These friends are the ones that you can go two weeks without speaking to and when you call each other you’re speaking for a good good two hours. These friends accept you and all your mistakes. These friends become family. Yeah, that’s right. FRIENDS BECOME FAMILY. Allow yourself for God to change you so that you can find people like this. Without God and my closest friends, my toughest battles would have defeated me.

All this rubbish about doing abc to fit in, is not important. What matters is you. Focus on you. Focus on who God has called YOU to be. The rest will follow. Once you begin your walk with Christ, you realise all the things of the world do not matter to you. Yes, the world is an evil place. Once you are sucked into this, it is hard to come out the other side. But, just think how AWESOME God is and he has amazing plans for you to prosper and achieve all things through him.

Most importantly though, Matthew 6:13 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

SEEKING God before anything, means looking to God before man. Look to seek God and he shall reveal things to you.

FIRST- This means before anything or anyone. God should be your first port of call.

Peace & Love


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Apologies for the LONG break guys, I was on holiday but I am back and have adjusted to the time and weather here. So, as many of us enter into a new season of work and university this week I will be releasing two posts on this new season that people are entering. The main scripture that I will be focusing on is Ecclesiastes 3:1 ‘’to everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven’’.

This first post as you can see is named ‘balance’ it is hard to find a balance between everything that you are committed to especially if you are going into your final year of Uni or you are just starting work, trying to find a balance to  maintain everything will be tough. As much as you want to attend all the societies and maintain the life you had before work let’s be real you cannot. This is where you have to take time in reflecting about who you are as a person and what God is saying for your life at that given moment. It may be that God says that he needs you in all these places and he will grant you favour upon all man.

You need to consider yourself as a person and have great discipline, it may require you to wake up 30 minutes earlier and spend that time in prayer or having your morning devotion or for some people it will require them going to bed 30 minutes earlier so that they can have some quiet time before God. There are many different things that you can do to make sure that you are balancing everything to your capacity.
One thing I will say is that you should NEVER compare the activities another person does and look at yourself and think that you are not doing enough. Whatever it is God has asked you to do, stay committed to that very thing and God will reward you. You can easily get lost in the spirit of comparison, you see how others are living and you begin to compare yourself based on their lives but they are only showing you the surface level of themselves. The best thing to do is focus on yourself and continue to build on your relationship with God. If people begin to talk, then let them talk, at the end of the day you’re the only person that knows what God has told you and you need to receive and believe in what he has told you. Build yourself in the eyes of God and don’t look to man for verification.
Looking at the scripture Ecclesiastes 3:1 ‘’to everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven’’. There is a season for everything, there are things that you did last month that you do not do now, a season means that there is a transition and it will require growth. You have to change and adjust to this new season, yes, it is uncomfortable but will cause you to release more who you are based on what God is telling you. There is a time for every purpose, this means that there will be new dynamics within this season that you’re in, but NEVER GET LOST IN A SEASON. What I mean by this is that often you can think of all the things you went through in a particular season and see how great it was and then get stuck asking God to do all those things he was doing for you back in that old season when God is telling you that he is doing a new thing, it is just up to you to believe and receive it.

Peace and love


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